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Birth Doula Support

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Your birth space is a sacred place, you deserve to be surrounded by people who are supportive, patient, and bring you a sense of safety and comfort. A Doula is a tour guide who walks you through pregnancy, birth and postpartum with education, emotional, physical, and mental support.


Your birth goals are our birth goals!

Statistically, Doulas improve birth outcomes by

  • Decreasing the overall cesarean rate by 28%

  • Decreasing the length of labor by 25%

  • Decreasing pitocin use by 31%

  • Decreasing the request for pain medication by 9%

  • Decreasing the need for forceps by 40%

  • Decreasing negative childbirth experience by 34%

  • Helping partners participate with confidence

  • Increase success in breast-feeding

  • Provide greater maternal satisfaction

Birth Doula Package - $1600, split into payments throughout pregnancy. Includes continuous access to your Doula for updates, consults and questions after contract signing, an invitation to regular meetups with your Doula where you learn their expertise on a birth related topic, access to the library of past meet-up videos, one prenatal with your doula (more if needed with no extra charge); attendance of one Doula at birth until 1-2 hours after delivery with no time restrictions (with a back-up Doula available to swap if needed); and one postpartum visit by the attending birth Doula. Contact today for a free virtual consultation!

Birth Doula & Childbirth Education - Birth doula clients that sign up for a group childbirth education series with Bethany receive $100 off of the Birth Doula Package!

Birth Planning Consult - $75/hour, Interested in sitting down with an experienced Doula and Childbirth Educator to answer questions and help you develop your birth plan but not interested in labor support? This package is perfect for you! This package includes in person (or virtual, if you prefer) face to face time to discuss any topics that you wish, along with resources and guidance to create your birth plan for labor. **This package is not intended to replace a comprehensive childbirth education course, but a supplement to get individualized resources, discussion, and plan assistance**



"During labor Bethany was incredible at providing emotional, physical, and verbal support to me directly while also providing my husband with encouragement and suggestions. My husband appreciated Bethany's ability to impart knowledge and experience without disrupting the connection between the two of us throughout an extremely intimate and vulnerable time. We are beyond grateful to Bethany for helping us create a beautiful, natural, fulfilling birth experience"
-Second Time Mom
"My husband and I are eternally grateful to have had Bethany on our team, both in the months leading up to our baby's delivery and especially during. She is incredibly kind, patient, and supportive, and went above and beyond what we were expecting. As new parents, we were both going into the experience with a lot of anxiety related to the unknown and she was the perfect balance to keep us calm and focused. We would highly recommend Bethany as both a Bradley instructor and as a doula."
-First Time Mom
"Bethany was an AMAZING help to my wife and I for the birth of our second child! Her help began well before the birth started and we could not have been more blessed than to have her in the room with us during delivery. As the husband, Bethany's presence and insight about what was going on helped keep my mind at ease so I could focus more on my wife and the baby. We plan to work with her again for any future pregnancies we may be blessed with and highly recommend her to all our friends and family who are expecting. "
-Second Time Dad
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