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 Childbirth Education Classes

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Bethany has been a certified Bradley Method® Affiliated Instructor since 2016 and supported numerous parents in achieving their birthing goals with a fun, interactive group childbirth series. Classes cover all 12 modules of The Bradley Method®. Topics covered include

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Anatomy 

  • Stages of Labor

  • Comfort Measures

  • Variations and Complications

  • How to Write a Birth Plan

  • Being an Informed Consumer

  • Postpartum

  • The Newborn

  • and Breastfeeding


Classes are held at Premier Birth Center's Chantilly location and Virtually.


Private classes in your home are also available.

You have the option to attend the class live, virtually or watch the recording during the week on your schedule! 


Classes are held Friday and Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Please contact us for specific class dates or click HERE for updated class schedules.


You deserve the birth of your dreams and the best way to prepare for that is to take a comprehensive childbirth education series. Though this class is truly a time commitment, it gives you the ability to  practice the various relaxation techniques without information overload. 

  • Classes cost $425, which includes your workbook.


Find out more about the Bradley Method at

Private 4 week series - $500

This customizable four-session course will give you a thorough understanding of the following topics: 

  • Pregnancy Basics 

  • Labor and Birth Process 

  • Ways to prep your body for optimal fetal positioning

  • Variations  

  • Birth Preferences and Plans 

  • Comfort Measures and Labor Techniques 

What Have Students Said About Class?

"I absolutely loved this class and was so glad my husband and I took it. The gradual teachings of the class over 11 weeks really helped all the information sink in. Compared to other new mom's (non bradley moms) I have compared birth stories with I feel like we were so much more prepared and educated on the whole process. I attribute my preparedness to the bradley classes we took."

"As a soon-to-be father, one can easily say that I was apprehensive to the idea of taking classes on natural birth, having been so accustomed to the rumor mill of medicated births. Doing what any supportive husband should do, I agreed to participate in a 12-week class covering The Bradley Method which was taught by Bethany Bagnell. I won't go in to the finer details of things but I learned so much more than I expected, all in a comfortable environment. Do your future child a favor and learn about what you and your wife can do to support a healthy pregnancy."

"My husband and I had taken the Bradley class in another state for our first child several years prior and were planning for another unmedicated natural, hospital delivery. Bethany's class was a great refresher for us and helped boost our confidence and connection in preparation for our son's birth. Bethany's extensive knowledge and calming presence was what swayed our decision to have a doula at this birth. Bethany was a perfect addition to our "baby team"."

-First Time Mom

-First Time Dad

-Second Time Mom

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